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About me

Hello, my name is Devin Hodges. I am an artist currently living in Memphis, Tennessee. I graduated from University of Memphis with a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.


Since childhood, I always had an interest in art. My earliest art experience was creating paper dolls of some of my favorite cartoon and video game characters because no official action figures were made for them. When I turned 11 years old, I took a week long summer class about film making with a heavy emphasis on stop motion animation. That course inspired me to one day pursue a career in art and animation.

I also have knowledge in graphic design procedures such as poster design, brochures, and magazine spreads.


Here's a fun fact: My favorite hobbies outside of creating art are: skating, swimming, going out with friends, and playing video games.

About DIAST Cartoons

Founded in 2016, DIAST Cartoons is a small brand I formed for displaying various animations and comic strips found on this website, social media platforms, etc. "DIAST" is an acronym for "Devin's Improving Art Studio". The acronym was originally "Devin's Independent Animation Studio", but came to the realization that we did not exclusively produce animations, but we also wanted to replace "Independent" with "Improving" to better reflect the quality of work we release. Although most works produced under this brand has been internet only releases, we are currently looking into creating products for stores and film festivals.

Get in Contact

If you like to email us for commission rates, ad inquiries for our comic books, feedback about our products, or shipping concerns, please write an email to

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